3Shape scanners create new possibilities for dental treatment.

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Five reasons why to take digital impressions.

Doctors can diagnose as many patients as possible by shortening examination time.

Doctors can save materials cost and transportation cost.

Doctors can take high-precision impressions and prevent errors that may occur with manual impressions.

Digital impressions are easy to take without any doing overs.

Doctors can provide patients comfortable treatment that would enhance the degree of satisfaction.

Three reasons why to recommend 3Shape.

Quick and easy impression taking

It is possible to take impressions quickly and easily with an optical scanning device.

Realistic color reproduction

RealColor™ technology enables to have highly accurate optical scanning which is realistically colored reproduction.

Shade mesurement

It is possible to measure automatically the shades of the tooth during scanning.

High definition picture

Photograph function allows to take high resolution and detailed intraoral scan pictures.

Continuously and flexibly responding to requests from dental laboratories.

Digital impressions can be used at practitioners’ own laboratories or be sent to dental laboratories like ours.