AsoAligner™ is a thin one-piece translucent orthodontic appliance with excellent aesthetics.



  • Tooth rotation improvement
  • Expansion or contraction of teeth alignment
  • Narrow space closure (Discrepancy: Less than 4mm)
  • Intrusion
  • Small amount of inadequate intermaxillary relationship (Discrepancy: Less than 4mm)


  • Wider space closure (Such as extraction cases with more than 4mm discrepancy)
  • Skeletal orthodontic treatment
  • Heavy angulation treatment
  • Parallel teeth movement
  • Severe malocclusion treatment

Ordering multi-steps of AsoAligner™ at once

AsoAligner™ previously required dental impressions to be manually taken throughout every single step of a patient’s treatment. With AsoAligner™ Digital a single digital impression offers doctors the option to choose, along with patients’ frequency of visit request, between“one step”, “three steps in one” (recommended), or “five steps in one ”.


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AsoAligner™ “Soft” & “Medium” types

Although AsoAligner™ “Soft” type mouthpiece is quite suitable for teeth displacement, deformation of the mouthpiece may occur when used for longer periods of time. If a deformed AsoAligner™ is continuously used for periods longer than the recommended 140- 200 hours (7-10 days), teeth may not move as originally projected. AsoAligner™ “Medium” and “Hard” type mouthpieces should be subsequently used within the same recommended time intervals. Lack of space between a patient’s teeth and AsoAligner™ is another indicator that the mouthpiece needs to be changed.

AsoAligner® “Hard” type

AsoAligner® “Hard” type mouthpiece works not only as a retainer (in preparation for the next step) but also as a corrective device when teeth alignment is not perfectly achieved through both the “Soft” and “Medium” type mouthpieces. Please note that when ordering multi-step AsoAligner™, the “Hard” type mouthpiece needs to be worn 280 hours (approximately 2 weeks) in order to smoothly move on to the next step.

Index of tooth movement for each step

Treatment process

step 1 Expansion of the dental arch

Lateral expansion 側方拡大
Y-shape expansion Y字拡大
Anterior expansion 前方拡大

As a first step, it is essential to have adequate spacing to allow teeth to move to the right position.

step 2 Alignment


Teeth rotation improvement.

step 3 Stripping (IPR)


After teeth rotation improvement (as required).

  • Ideal contact with neighboring teeth may not be had when IPR is done prior to correct alignment. We recommend stripping be done after the appropriate amount of space closure or teeth expansion can be confirmed.
  • IPR is also effective to improve “black triangle”.

step 4 Space closure

space close

step 5 Retention

AsoAligner™ can be used as a retainer.

Other fixed-type retainers such as “Fixed (FSW)” and the aesthetic wire retainer “ClearBow” can also be used amongst others.

AsoAligner™’s plastic elasticity enables teeth displacement by applying force to necessary parts of the teeth. While obtaining impressions for certain period of intervals from patients, AsoAligner™ controls orthodontic force for tooth movement with different thickness of aligners.

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