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Introducing digital orthodontic products such as HARMONY and AsoAligner.



It is one of the world’s most advanced lingual orthodontic systems.



AsoAligner is a transparent, thin and aesthetically pleasing mouthpiece-type of orthodontic appliance.

ASO Digital Serviceの画像

ASO Digital Service

Aso International, Inc. introduces the latest high-performance digital equipment and CAD / CAM systems to provide high-quality services.


Introducing equipment ideal for the orthodontic digital workflows.

image of Planmeca


Total lineup including digital units, CAD / CAM, 2D / 3D imaging products, and dental software.


Aso International, Inc. is the pioneer of orthodontic dental laboratories.
We provides highly accurate technical products with reliable technology.

Study Modelsの画像

Study Models

Parallel models, mount models, orthodontic models such as setup models, plastic models made of resin (Leica), etc., which are indispensable for diagnosis and confirmation of orthodontic treatments.

IDB Lingual/Labialの画像

IDB Lingual/Labial

Lingal orthodontics place brackets on the back of the teeth making it an aesthetically pleasing orthodontic treatment. The appliance required for these types of treatments can be manufactured.

Appliances I (band wire system)の画像

Appliances I (band wire system)

A fixed mechanical orthodontic appliance that sets a band in combination with the device.

AppliancesⅡ (resin-based)の画像

AppliancesⅡ (resin-based)

A removable mechanical orthodontic appliance such as Adam’s clasp and ball clasp and orthodontic screws.

Appliances Functional (functional orthodontic appliances)の画像

Appliances Functional (functional orthodontic appliances)

A removable functional orthodontic device that utilizes the strength of the patient’s muscles such as the perioral muscles and masseter muscles.



A retention device used to prevent backtracking after orthodontic correction.

Other Appliancesの画像

Other Appliances

Various oral appliances used for the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome, sports mouthguards, positioners, splints, etc.

Books / DVDs Books / DVD

Introducing specialized books and DVDs provided by ASO which are useful as an introduction to orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontic appliance technician guidebookの画像

Orthodontic appliance technician guidebook

A comprehensive manual for orthodontic appliances that lists a large number of orthodontic devices! (*Only available in Japanese.)

Mouthpiece correction introduction manualの画像

Mouthpiece correction introduction manual

The best guidebook and introductory book for doctors who are considering the introduction of mouthpiece correction! (*Only available in Japanese.)

Clinical application DVD of 2D lingual bracket systemの画像

Clinical application DVD of 2D lingual bracket system

Goes over the main points with a video of an actual tratment! (*Only available in Japanese.)

Other products

Introducing mouthpiece cleaners which can be used by by patients as well as orthodontic professionals.

Ortho whiteの画像

Ortho white

Hard plaster for orthodontic models that has both great whiteness and strength.

Fine soapの画像

Fine soap

Gypsum brightener crafted from our 30 years of experience.



Ideal as a cleaning agent for various orthodontic appliances. It has a refreshing mint taste and an outstanding sterilizing and deodorizing effect. It is also ideal as a cleaning agent for dentures.

Sterilization wet sheet mouthpiece cleanerの画像

Sterilization wet sheet mouthpiece cleaner

An easy-to-carry cleaner for mouthpieces.
Clean your mouthpiece anytime, anywhere.

CTI system

By linking to other systems, you can save the trouble of having to use multiple systems to search and find out information.
This contributes to the improvement of phone operations and increase in sales.



AILINE is a CTI system that facilitates telephone communication with patients.
Patient information will pop up on the screen when you receive a call!
Smooth phone support!
Even new staff can identify important patients and take precautionary measures right from their first day at work!

Please contact us for consultations and request for literature.

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