What is AILINE

A system where the patient information pops up on the screen when a call arrives!
AILINE is a CTI system that facilitates patient telephone response.
You can also watch the demo remotely. Please feel free to contact us.

Benefits of Using AILINE

Contributes to improving the efficiency of incoming calls and sales.

In general, 20-30% of telephone operations will be streamlined

In general, 20-30% of telephone operations will be streamlined

Smooth phone support!
Even new staff can immediately recognize calls from important patients and be prepared to take the call!
Links to other systems; No need to operate and search for information in multiple systems.

creased repeat rate x decreased patient exit rate = increased sales

Increased repeat rate x decreased patient exit rate = increased sales

Call the patient by their name!
Easily understand the patient’s background and respond accordingly!

* Patient churn rate: The percentage of people who have stopped visiting the clinic within one year of the previous visit, with an average of 50%.

Eliminate the cost of dealing with unwanted calls

Eliminate the cost of dealing with unwanted calls

Are you bothered by persistent business calls that come in during business hours?
With AILINE CTI, you can identify unwanted calls.

  • Check the blacklist registered at your clinic
  • You can register special numbers that you manage at your own clinic, such as patients and complaints you want to be careful about.

AILINE Basic Functions

Display patient information during a call

Display patient information during a call

The patient management system built in the hospital can be linked with the telephone. When an incoming call arrives, the system can instantly search for patient information corresponding to the incoming call number and pop it up on the screen of a personal computer, tablet terminal, smartphone, etc. By instantly knowing the information of the other party on the phone, you can take appropriate measures and improve patient satisfaction.

  1. Display of photos and images
  2. Name and company name
  3. phone number
  4. Customer tag
  5. Basic information (fixed items)
  6. Free item

You can freely set up to 30 items you want to display, such as past purchase history and total amount.

Short message service

Short message service

Success rate of 95%!
Short messages sent to mobile numbers are effective for contacting people who have difficulty answering the phone or for messages when you are away. It can be used to remind the patient of their next visit, so it is effective in preventing cancellations.

Recording support function

Recording support function

Helps improve the quality of telephone response. There is a recording function that can improve the quality of telephone response and prevent missed calls.
By recording a call, you can check the contents of the call and improve the call quality. Since you can write down the contents of the call with the patient, you can prevent forgetting to listen and share it in the hospital smoothly.

Multi-device support

Multi-device support

The patient’s name is also displayed when receiving a call to the smartphone.

  1. Registered patient information pops up when receiving a call to a smartphone
  2. No information registration on the smartphone
  3. So even if you lose your device, it’s safe.
  4. Convert the received business card into data on the spot
  5. Easy to use for just 390 yen / ID

Patient data acquisition method

Customer information to AILINE can be easily registered and changed in the following three ways.

  1. By linking with the existing system, you can access customer information in real time.
  2. Download patient information as a CSV file from the existing system and import the CSV file.
  3. Enter patient information one by one directly into AILINE.
ailine patient data


Customer information in AILINE can be easily registered and changed in the following three ways.

Data is
stored by a major vendor

“Fujitsu Cloud Technologies (Nifkura)” utilizes cloud services of major vendors for patient information and incoming call information data. The data of financial institutions and major companies is stored in the same location as the server that holds it. Anti-virus measures are perfect and safe.

All data is encrypted

All patient information and incoming information are encrypted for communication. If the data is stolen during communication, it cannot be decrypted.

Leave no data on the device

No data is left on the CTI adapter installed in the clinic. If the CTI adapter is stolen, no information will be leaked from it.

Other features of AILINE

Patient information displayの画像

Patient information display

Display patient information (name, address, etc.) on a PC, tablet, or smartphone when receiving a call.

Call historyの画像

Call history

Display the phone number of the person you called in a list! Quickly grasp who called for what!
*May not be available in some environments

Call registerの画像

Call register

You can search the history by keywords such as date, phone number, and customer name. You can also check the incoming call history statistics.

Memo functionの画像

Memo function

You can write down and share the contents of your inquiry and the contents of the call as if you were leaving a sticky note. You can also search the memo history.

Patient information managementの画像

Patient information management

You can register and modify patient information, add items you want to display, and change the order. A large amount of customer information can be registered in CSV format.

Incoming call history dataの画像

Incoming call history data

You can download the incoming call history information as a whole. It is also possible to sort in descending order of the number of incoming calls.

Displaying patient information when receiving multiple calls at the same timeの画像

Displaying patient information when receiving multiple calls at the same time

Customer information is also displayed for simultaneous incoming calls. When multiple calls are received at the same time, a list of who is calling is displayed.

Displaying the called numberの画像

Displaying the called number

You can see which phone number has the incoming call. This is a convenient function when receiving from multiple phone numbers, such as the representative phone number of a clinic or a phone number dedicated to inquiries.

Grouping image



Even if you receive a call from the same person with a different phone number, such as your home number and mobile number, one customer information will be displayed.

Photo displayの画像

Photo display

You can display a photo (image) when receiving an incoming call (only one). It is possible to display the customer’s face photo, company logo, products ordered last time, etc.

User Managementの画像

User Management

You can manage the users who log in. Users who log in can be registered, changed, and deleted, and access rights for functions can be set in stages for each user.

Corporate dataの画像

Corporate data

Even if you are an unregistered customer, the information will be displayed if it is a company or store registered in the company database. * This is company information, not personal information.

Postcard DMの画像

Postcard DM

Used for sales promotion. Promote information using visual elements! Delivery is possible starting from just one.
* This function is optional.

Call recording textの画像

Call recording text

Recorded voice calls can be converted to “text” that is easy to share and search.
* This function is optional.

Accesibility by type of line

We recommend using this service with an optical line.
Please contact us as it may or may not be supported depending on the network environment or device configuration.

Phone line typeOptical (for office)Optical (for home use)Cloud PBX IP phone
Incoming call pop-up
DM mail
Mobile pop-up
Call recording
Call history
Response status

Please contact us for consultations and request for literature.

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