Resin Orthodontic Appliances

Product Summary

Removable mechanical straightening device which mainly use Adams clasps, ball clasps and screws.
These devices include Expansion plates (for lateral expansion), Fantype (for fan-shaped expansion), Sagittal Appliance (for moving molars to the back), and other devices with various designs depending on the part of the tooth you want to move.

Product Lineup

320 ACCOの画像

320 ACCO

1. Mainly used for improving Class II malocclusion and distal movement of molars. Often used together with headgear.
2. As for the design of the device, the central incisors are attached to the labial bow and the resin pads are attached to the lateral incisors. This is to increase the force of the device and to prevent effects to the front teeth.

324 Shermyの画像

324 Shermy

1. Used to move the first molar distally.
2. Mainly used to secure space for eruption of lateral teeth during the mixed dentition period. Can also be used with permanent dentition.

325 Expansion Plate (lateral expansion)の画像

325 Expansion Plate (lateral expansion)

1. The plate is divided in the middle and used for bilateral crossbite and crowding improvement of the anterior teeth.
2. Used to secure space for teeth that have not erupted and are in the process of eruption.

326 Three-way Expansion Plateの画像

326 Three-way Expansion Plate

1. Mainly used to expand the anterior dentition in the labial direction (the amount of screw expansion is about 3 to 4 mm on average; labial and lateral expansion can be performed)
2. Can be expanded laterally.

327 Expansion Plate (Fan Type Upper)の画像

327 Expansion Plate (Fan Type Upper)

Used to expand the dental arch where lateral expansion of the maxillary anterior teeth is required more than for the posterior molars.

328 Expansion Plate (Fan Type Lower)の画像

328 Expansion Plate (Fan Type Lower)

Used to expand the dental arch where lateral expansion of the mandibular anterior teeth is required more than for the posterior molars.

329 Expansion Plate (Forward Expansion)の画像

329 Expansion Plate (Forward Expansion)

1. It is often used to improve Class II malocclusion.
2. When the opposite occlusion of the front teeth is extremely deep, an occlusal cover may be attached.

330 Expansion Plate (Molar Distal Movement)の画像

330 Expansion Plate (Molar Distal Movement)

1. Mainly used to expand and move the first molar distally using a screw.
2. Highly effective when used around 6 to 7 years old before the second molar erupts.

331 Sagittal Appliance (Upper Jaw)の画像

331 Sagittal Appliance (Upper Jaw)

Used to apply force to the maxillary area to promote lateral expansion and anterior-lower growth.

332 Sagittal Appliance (Lower Jaw)の画像

332 Sagittal Appliance (Lower Jaw)

Used to apply force to the mandibular area to promote lateral expansion and anterior-lower growth.

333 Expansion Plate (Y-shaped expansion)の画像

333 Expansion Plate (Y-shaped expansion)

1. Mainly used to improve malocclusion by performing lateral distal expansion of the molars and anterior expansion of the anterior teeth using a screw.

334 Expansion Plate (Piston Spring)の画像

334 Expansion Plate (Piston Spring)

1. The structure is different from the screw used for normal lateral expansion. The exact direction and magnitude of the force can be limited.
2. When the function of the spring and the screw are combined, the force acts on one point. Especially used to rotate and expand teeth with limited space.

335 Retraction Screwの画像

335 Retraction Screw

1. Used to close the space created between teeth.

336 Lever Activationの画像

336 Lever Activation

Used to move the lingually inclined mandibular second molar to the buccal side.

337 Habit Applianceの画像

337 Habit Appliance

1. Forward projecting tongue habit, abnormal swallowing habit, and other common habits such as thumb sucking.

338 Active Plateの画像

338 Active Plate

Active Plate

339 Bite Plateの画像

339 Bite Plate

1. Mainly used to improve overcapsular occlusion
2. Often used to treat overcapsular occlusion during mixed dentition

340 Jumping Plateの画像

340 Jumping Plate

1. Used to improve malocclusion such as overcapsular occlusion and class II occlusion.
2. Device attached to the upper jaw with the part where the anterior teeth of the lower jaw come into contact has a structure that descends from the direction of the molars toward the anterior teeth.

341 Wedge Plate Type Iの画像

341 Wedge Plate Type I

Used to raise the position of the tongue.

342 Wedge Plate Type IIの画像

342 Wedge Plate Type II

Used to raise the position of the tongue.

343 Wedge Plate Type IIIの画像

343 Wedge Plate Type III

Used to raise the position of the tongue.

How to order Resin Orthodontic Appliances

When ordering with a silicon impression


Obtaining the maxilla with the impression of the lower jaw(Anhydrite)


Submit via courier

1.Top and bottom silicon impression
2.Technician instructions
3.CO bytes (WAX, silicon)

Donwload the prescription sheet as a PDF

Ordering with IOS data

Registered clinics

Clinics who have already registered with the ASO order system can order from here.

Please be sure to read “Impression requirements for manufacturing orthodontic appliances” before sending impression data.

Unregistered clinics

If you register, ordering / setup check / communication with ASO will be smooth.

ASO order system new registration

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