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ADS ASO Digital Study Model Service

We have introduced the latest high-performance digital equipment and CAD / CAM system.
ADS is a high quality service plaster models are scanned in 3D and returned as data in STL format. This is ideal for those who don’t want to deal with model storage.

Benefits of ADS Merit

Since it is data, no storage space is required.
Since it is highly versatile data, it can be viewed with any software.

Scan data (STL data) can be used in various applications.
You can easily request model re-prints.

3D Printing Service – Modeling Service –

image of 3D Printing Service - Modeling Service -

We accept model data in stl format from intra-oral scanners or lab scanners (any scanner brand data accepted).

image of 3D Printing Service - Modeling Service -

アソWith our high-performance 3D printer, models have the highest level of accuracy.

image of 3D Printing Service - Modeling Service -

Various ortho appliances like virtual setups and aligners can be manufactured.

How to order ASO Digital Service

When ordering with a silicon impression


Ordering with IOS data

Registered clinics

Clinics who have already registered with the ASO order system can order from here.

Please be sure to read “Impression requirements for manufacturing orthodontic appliances” before sending impression data.

Unregistered clinics

If you register, ordering / setup check / communication with ASO will be smooth.

ASO order system new registration

Click here for detailed application flow

Please contact us for consultations and request for literature.

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