AsoAligner is a thin, transparent, and mouthpiece-type orthodontic appliance wit great esthetics

image of AsoAligner

Using the elasticity of the plastic, teeth are moved by applying gentle and continuous force.
Impressions or intr-oral scans are obtained at certain periods of time before the aligners are manufactured. The corrective force is managed through the varying thickness off AsoAligner.


  • Cases of relapse (after orthodontic treatment)
  • MTM cases (mainly 3-3)
  • Cases in which crowding can be improved with mild IPR
  • (discrepancy within 4 mm)


  • Tooth extraction cases (cases with a large amount of anterior tooth retraction)
  • Cases with malocclusion Class II or Class III,and open bite
  • Cases of skeletal abnormalities
  • Heavy angulation/rotation cases

Ordering Multi Steps

With the traditional AsoAligner, it was necessary to take an impression for each step, but with AsoAligner Digital, you can now select between 3 packages with one single scan or impression: 1 step, 3 steps (recommended), and 5 steps.
You can schedule the patient’s appointments accordingly.

image of Ordering Multi Steps

Soft & Medium AsoAligner

These trays are suitable for teeth movement but tend to deform after long-term use.
When a deformed aligner is used continuously, the tooth movement may not proceed as planned. To avoid this, AsoAligner needs to be changed from soft to medium after about 140 to 200 hours (7 to 10 days) of constant usage. The same applies to the medium tray.
Alternatively, when the tooth surface and the aligner are in a perfect fit, it is time to replace the trays.

Hard AsoAligner

AsoAligner Hard does not only act as a retention tray but also as a “correcting” tray when both the soft and medium did not complete the intended movements.
When ordering multiple steps at the same time, it is not recommended to move to the next step unless the teeth are moved as originally intended.For this reason AsoAligner hard needs to be worn for about 250 hours (about 2 weeks) or more.

Product Lineup

Aligner lifterの画像

Aligner lifter

The aligner can be attached and detached safely and easily, preventing damage to the aligner, gums, and nails. As it is compact, it can be put in an aligner case and is convenient to carry.

Dedicated pliersの画像

Dedicated pliers

Extended the range of indications of AsoAligner with these 4 special pliers.
Forestadent Japan Co., Ltd. sells special pliers to create a button to apply elastic rubber when performing tooth extrusion or intrusion. They can also be used to control aligner retention, tooth torque, and angulation.



Ortho Clean is a cleaning agent for various orthodontic appliances. It has a refreshing mint smell and an outstanding sterilizing and deodorizing effect.There is a refreshing feeling with the scent of mint when the device is attached.

<Ingredient list>
Sodium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur

Mouthpiece Cleanerの画像

Mouthpiece Cleaner

You can keep your mouthpiece clean anytime, anywhere; after meals, during trips, before meetings, etc.

How to order AsoAligner

When ordering with a silicon impression


Ordering with IOS data

Registered clinics

Clinics who have already registered with the ASO order system can order from here.

Please be sure to read “Impression requirements for manufacturing orthodontic appliances” before sending impression data.

Unregistered clinics

If you register, ordering / setup check / communication with ASO will be smooth.

ASO order system new registration

Click here for detailed application flow

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Harmony is a lingual orthodontic appliance that has unique features

ASO Digital Serviceの画像

ASO Digital Service

Aso International introduces the latest high-performance digital equipment and CAD / CAM systems to provide high-quality services.



A cleaner for various orthodontic appliances. It has a refreshing mint smell and an outstanding sterilizing and deodorizing effect.There is a refreshing feeling with the scent of mint when the device is attached.

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