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The world’s most advanced lingual correction system HARMONY

Harmony is a lingual orthodontic appliance that has unique features.

Introduction of Benefits

Passive in the initial phaseの画像

Passive in the initial phase

Passive clip for minimal friction during leveling and aligning.

Moderate friction in the middle phaseの画像

Moderate friction in the middle phase

With moderate friction, the tooth axis can be maintained and space closure is easy.

Active in the final phaseの画像

Active in the final phase

Fully active clip for finishing with optimal control in all three dimensions.

image of benefits of hermony

Reduction of chair time

The combination of self-ligation technology and customized arch wires makes wire replacement quick and easy.


There is no need to ligate, and it is possible to continue to apply force efficiently.

High reliability

The combination of precision-manufactured self-ligating brackets and robotically formed arch wires delivers more accurate and expected results.

Detailed Feature

Detailed feature of hermony

Customized Bonding Pads

Using proprietary digital scanning and CAD/CAM technologies, a highly accurate bonding pad is created for the lingual surface of each tooth. The slot of each bracket is positioned ideally on each tooth using a customized adapter and bonding pads.

Detailed Feature

HARMONY delivers predictable outcomes and efficient treatment mechanics using digitally customized self ligating brackets and arch wires.
Wire Type: Nickel Titanium / Stainless Steel / Beta Titanium

Harmony Optimizedの画像

Harmony Optimized

Straight wireの画像

Straight wire

Close fitの画像

Close fit

Mushroom Type I/Type IIの画像

Mushroom Type I/Type II

HARMONY offers two options for customizing the design of the anterior part of the arch wires, except HARMONY Optimized.
* HARMONY Optimized type only

Traditional Type (no bend)の画像

Traditional Type (no bend)

Harmony Type (with bend)の画像

Harmony Type (with bend)

Product Lineup



HARMONY Lingual System typodont with self-ligating brackets and wire used for demonstration or practice purposes.

Bracket Open/Close Toolの画像

Bracket Open/Close Tool

Designed specifically for HARMONY Lingual system’s self-ligating brackets, the 90 degree tip opens/closes abterior brackets while the 130 degree tip opens/closes posterior brackets.

How to order HARMONY

When ordering with a silicon impression


Ordering with IOS data

Registered clinics

Clinics who have already registered with the ASO order system can order from here.

Please be sure to read “Impression requirements for manufacturing orthodontic appliances” before sending impression data.

Unregistered clinics

If you register, ordering / setup check / communication with ASO will be smooth.

ASO order system new registration

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How to order products,
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To place an order, please call, fax, or use the inquiry form.

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