Orthodontic Appliance Technician Guidebook

Orthodontic appliances comprehensive manual with a large number of orthodnotic appliances not listed in textbooks!

  • 90 devices sorted by type *
  • Understand the purpose, advantages, and disadvantages of each device
  • Understand how to order an appliance to a lab
  • Briefly summarized production process with images
  • Searcheable product name index
    * Aso International, Inc., operates orthodontic laboratories in Japan and overseas

Eiichiro Nakajima / Supervised by Toshimasa Aso /
A4 version variant, 132 pages Price: 8,600 yen (excluding tax)


  • Orthodontic appliances
  • Functional orthodontic appliances
  • Oral device (oral appliances)
  • Oral device (mouthguard)
  • Retention device
  • Other equipment
    • Orthodontic model / pedriatics device / jaw function device / whitening device / lingual orthodontic device / clear plastic appliance / 3D model / 3D lingual orthodontic device

How to order products,
materials and equipment

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