Other Appliances

Other Appliances

Product Summary

Various oral appliances used for the treatment of sleep apnea syndrome, sports mouthguards, positioners, splints, etc.

Product Lineup

504 Oral Appliance (Herbst Type)の画像

504 Oral Appliance (Herbst Type)

Used as an oral device for sleep apnea syndrome (SAS).

601 Mouthguardの画像

601 Mouthguard

1. Used to prevent and reduce trauma from the impact of external forces during sports.
2. Used to prevent and reduce concussion caused by the impact of thrusting from the lower jaw to the upper jaw.

602 Mouthguard (with Kyokushin sticker)の画像

602 Mouthguard (with Kyokushin sticker)

602 Image of mouthguard (with Kyokushin sticker)

603 Mouthguard with Bracketsの画像

603 Mouthguard with Brackets

1. Used to prevent and reduce trauma from the impact of external forces during sports.
2. Used to prevent and reduce concussion caused by the impact of thrusting from the lower jaw to the upper jaw.

604 Night Guardの画像

604 Night Guard

1. Improvement and prevention of tempomandibular joint disease that prevents wear and damage of the crown and occlusal surface due to bruxism and clenching.
2. Protect restorations such as implants.
3. It is also possible to maintain a gap when a tooth is extracted, prevent tongue habits in the extraction space, and prevent food residue from entering the extraction space during meals.

701 Gnathological Setupの画像

701 Gnathological Setup

Mounted with true hinge after axiograph is taken.
( Set Up with Mutually Protected Occlusion)

702 Gnathological Positionerの画像

702 Gnathological Positioner

1. Used to further improve occlusion and make fine adjustments after the completion of orthodontic treatment.
2. Also used as a retainer.

703 Hotts Plateの画像

703 Hotts Plate

1. Close the cleft palate to facilitate the formation of negative pressure in the oral cavity and compression of the nipple during feeding (improve feeding disorders).

704 Dynamic Positioner with Face Bowの画像

704 Dynamic Positioner with Face Bow

1. Use in combination with a traction band, headgear or neck strap to perform distal movement, reduction, extrusion, fixation, expansion, etc. of molars.
2. Also used as a retainer.

705 Mandibular Position Measurementの画像

705 Mandibular Position Measurement


706 Gnathological Splintの画像

706 Gnathological Splint

1. Stabilize the jaw position before orthodontic treatment.
2. Used to check if the current occlusion is ideal for the patient before starting orthodontic treatment.
3. Harmonize the tempomandibular joint and the muscles for biting.

707 Multiloop Edgewise Arch Wire (MEAW)の画像

707 Multiloop Edgewise Arch Wire (MEAW)

Multiloop Edgewise Arch Wire(MEAW)

708 Whitening Trayの画像

708 Whitening Tray

Used when bleaching the teeth surface and whitening the teeth color.

How to order Other Appliances

When ordering with a silicon impression


Obtaining an impression of the upper and lower jaws with an alginate impression (anhydrite)


Submit via courier

①Upper and lower silicon impression  
②Technician instructions  
③CO bite (WAX, silicon)

Donwload the prescription sheet as a PDF

Ordering with IOS data

Registered clinics

Clinics who have already registered with the ASO order system can order from here.

Please be sure to read “Impression requirements for manufacturing orthodontic appliances” before sending impression data.

Unregistered clinics

If you register, ordering / setup check / communication with ASO will be smooth.

ASO order system new registration

Click here for detailed application flow

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